Windhoek Game Camp

"Nature's Jewel, close to the Pulsating City Life"

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Windhoek is the capital of Namibia. With a population of less than 400,000 you would only call it a city by Namibian standards. It is quite a laid-back, clean and easy going place. There are a few sights, good restaurants and lively bars. In short it is a great place to start exploring Namibia. 

Set at the geographical heart of Namibia , Windhoek serves as the road and rail crossroads and the nerve center of the country's business and commerce. 

Windhoek has only existed for just over a century. The modern name Windhoek, or 'windy corner', originated from the original 'Winterhoek' during the German colonial occupation. At the time, it became the headquarters for the German Schutztruppe, which was ostensibility charged with brokering peace between the warring Herero and Nama. For over 10 years around the turn of the century, Windhoek served as the administrative capital of German South West Africa. 

Any of the several banks in the city center can exchange foreign currency cash and traveler's cheques into Namibia dollars. 

It has several fascinating historic buildings to explore, most of them conveniently located in the city centre. One of the main attractions in Windhoek, the beautiful Neo-Romanic style Evangelic-Lutheran Christuskirche was built in 1910. Tintenpalast (Ink Palace) is the seat of chamber of the Namibian Parliament, the National Assembly and the National Council. In the National Gallery of Namibia you can admire works reflecting Namibia's rich cultural heritage. The oldest building in Windhoek, the Alte Feste (Old Fortress) serves now as a National Museum of Namibia exhibiting Namibia's cultural history.

Windhoek is the business and transportation hub of Namibia. The Windhoek city centre is dotted with smalls shops and shopping malls and an ideal place for shopping in Windhoek. The city is home to numerous bars, discos and clubs with live African and European music.